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tuner / тюнер, настройщик, механизм настройки
имя существительное
механизм настройки
имя существительное
a person who tunes musical instruments, especially pianos.
After graduating from the school for the blind, Zhang first tried to work at a local piano factory as a tuner but the long travelling time from his home to the factory forced him to drop the job.
The locked Samsonite briefcase contained five guitar effects pedals and a battery-powered tuner , all linked by electrical cable.
A motor in the TV set operated the tuner through the remote control.
A digital tuner is useful for teachers of certain instruments, and a tape recorder allows students to tape and listen to their own playing.
The night before the tuner was due to tune, I was out with friends in Shoreditch.
If they'd included a radio tuner , I would have bought one already.
Most amps have a radio tuner built in, giving them that added functionality.
Yet another audio tool at your disposal is the FM Radio tuner .
A digital radio hi-fi tuner will come with an indoor aerial, either a ribbon dipole or a monopole (half dipole).
The implication is that such fine tuning implies an intelligent tuner .
Untested as of time of press, the sleek-looking box has built-in speakers and a television tuner .