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tune-up / настройка, регулировка
имя существительное
tuning, installation, alinement, tune-up
adjustment, control, regulation, alignment, tuning, tune-up
имя существительное
an act of tuning something up.
take your car in for a tune-up if it's an older model
As a final tune-up for the OUA championship, Waterloo participated in the Western Open at St. Thomas Golf Course on October 10.
Entering their third race weekend of the season, NayKid looks forward to this weekend as a tune-up for one of the major events of the season, The Rose Cup, to be held next month at PIR.
Sunday, April 24th, was the day of the 66th edition of Giro dell'Appennino, a classic of the Italian calendar and one of the last tune-up races for the upcoming Giro d' Italia.
Her fast 200 was merely a tune-up for her defense of her British hurdles title.
‘It's like taking your car in for a tune-up and getting the spark plugs cleaned out,’ she says.
It was a very good experience and a good tune-up for a major event, like the Olympics, ‘Suma said.’
take your car in for a tune-up if it's an older model
A tune-up was recommended and an authorization was given.
It does not cost that much to tune-up a vehicle and the fuel savings make it pay for itself.
He sounds bad, like an old car badly in need of a tune-up .