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tumbler / тумблер, высокий стакан, бокал
имя существительное
toggle switch, tumbler, toggle, tumbler switch
высокий стакан
goblet, wineglass, tumbler, bumper
имя существительное
a drinking glass with straight sides and no handle or stem.
Wine was sometimes drunk from glass tumblers .
an acrobat or gymnast, especially one who performs somersaults.
Clearly, we all have something to learn from these clowns and tumblers .
a pivoted piece in a lock that holds the bolt until lifted by a key.
Pieces fall comfortingly into place like tumblers in a well-oiled lock.
Earl looked down at the smoky glass tumbler braced in the palm of his hand and swigged down the last sip of whiskey.
She is a very strong tumbler and vaulter, but only 38 kilos.
Saturate lump sugar with bitters in a thick tumbler or mug.
While in the circus, Masha married the power tumbler Alexander Kourbatov.
Mr. Harding carefully set down his glass tumbler without shifting his gaze from his son.
He pauses to pour ice water into a clear glass tumbler , and drinks from it heartily.
Don't burn your fingers on a tumbler .
Philip held the tumbler until his brother drank his fill.
And when I emerged from the treatment room, I was met with a tumbler of water and a cobalt-blue glass tray bearing a chilled towel and three perfect strawberries.
Put yogurt into a shallow glass or tumbler .