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tuition / обучение
имя существительное
training, teaching, education, instruction, tuition, schooling
имя существительное
a sum of money charged for teaching or instruction by a school, college, or university.
I'm not paying next year's tuition
The scholarship, though, covered only his tuition fees, so he needed some way of supporting himself.
At his new school Thomas was classed as a special needs pupil and given extra educational support and tuition .
The government introduced tuition fees too quickly not giving individuals time to save money to pay for them.
Each scholarship also covers music tuition fees for two instruments or for voice and an instrument.
But we are also worried that tuition fees will discourage young people from studying.
As the law stands, a person on the register is barred from teaching in state schools but not from private tuition .
It is during this month that the parents start scouting for new schools and new tuition teachers.
The boat is designed to accommodate a wide range of disabilities, as well as an instructor who provides tuition .
tuition fees
At this time he earned a living giving private tuition and teaching in schools.