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tug / буксир, рывок, гуж
имя существительное
tow, tug, tugboat, tracker, tow-line, tow-rope
jerk, spurt, dash, tug, snatch, yank
drag, pull, haul, lug, tug, trail
pull, stretch, drag, draw, extend, tug
tow, haul, drag, tug, trail
имя существительное
a hard or sudden pull.
another tug and it came loose
a loop from a horse's saddle that supports a shaft or trace.
Most folks hang their shafts too low and you need to restrain the tug so it doesn't fly forward and backward as the animal performs maneuvers.
pull (something) hard or suddenly.
she tugged off her boots
He began drawing a detailed picture of an angel when a sudden tug on his shoulders nearly made him fall off the bench.
an overwhelming tug of attraction
There was a sudden tug , and the cloak around his shoulders was torn away.
You give your ropes a tug and pull all the other man's pegs out.
We carried on running and a minute later I felt a hard tug on my arm.
Tucking the end of the sash between my thumb and the palm of my hand, I gave a hard tug , undoing the knot.
Slowly and steadily I reel it in, remembering Glyn's advice not to tug the hook too suddenly.
About 5 minutes later I felt a hard tug , and started reeling in the fish.
I felt a small tug pull my robe; I turned to face a small child, staring up at me.
Reaching for the door handle, he grabbed it and gave it a hard tug .