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tufted / с хохолком
имя прилагательное
с хохолком
имя прилагательное
having or growing in a tuft or tufts.
tufted grass
provide (something) with a tuft or tufts.
Despite the obvious problems, the company has been preparing for growth and total employee numbers increased by 26 to 794 last year, mainly at the spinning and tufting factories.
make depressions at regular intervals in (a mattress or cushion) by passing a thread through it.
Furniture makers noticed that tufted upholstery furthered the chair owner's sense of luxury.
The non-intensive moor was lovely with some hazy silver birch, vivid green mosses, rushes, bilberries, bleached and tufted grasses and a touch of gorse.
For scent, grow Eschscholzia caespitosa, a tufted annual with bright yellow flowers that grows well in a container.
In place of the crisp air, and tufted grass, was a misty bog.
Fortunately my Nikon camera landed on soft tufted grass but my body was immersed in the freezing creek water.
After a long stretch of tarmac-bashing to Glen Finglas I made my way up the long, tufted western slopes of Ledi, eager to gain some height, and some views.
For something a bit different, any yellow or variegated hedging plant would contrast well with an infill of the tufted blue grass of festuca glauca.
Endless and uneven rows of rich brown trunks rise fifty feet into the air before any full branches grow, and from there the green tufted canopy reaches another forty feet.
The descent was on a good track, past a nice farmstead, then a path through tufted grasses and a precipitous stretch right by the river that's made easy by very well engineered duckboards.