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tuft / пучок, хохолок, эспаньолка
имя существительное
sheaf, bundle, bunch, tuft, bun, cluster
tuft, crest, pappus, topknot, cop, hood
goatee, imperial, tuft
расти пучками
cluster, tuft
lash, quilt, flog, stitch, lace, tuft
имя существительное
a bunch or collection of something, typically threads, grass, or hair, held or growing together at the base.
scrubby tufts of grass
provide (something) with a tuft or tufts.
Despite the obvious problems, the company has been preparing for growth and total employee numbers increased by 26 to 794 last year, mainly at the spinning and tufting factories.
make depressions at regular intervals in (a mattress or cushion) by passing a thread through it.
Furniture makers noticed that tufted upholstery furthered the chair owner's sense of luxury.
A 19-year-old, healthy man visited a plastic surgeon because of a cutaneous nodule on the distal tuft of his left index finger.
At the moment many of them are sporting tufty , patchwork haircuts.
The most common means of putting the fibers together is tufting .
Sure enough, there was Billy, all 5ft 7in of him, with his undeniably pixie-esque features and tufty hair.
Some small areas the size of a dime can be tufted in with new yarns.
There were different colors of dirt and pebble scattered in between tufts of grass.
Some of the larger dilated channels exhibit abortive fibrous tufts , which are slender and poorly cellular.
They had clambered over a large tract of huge sand dunes littered with tufts of hardy grass, and scattered clumps of cacti, but the sand soon gave way to mountain slopes.
Choose a small to medium sized toothbrush, with soft, multi tufted , nylon bristles.
Well-known for its patterned Axminster carpets, the company's new range of plain coloured woven and tufted carpets gained an ‘outstanding reaction’ from the trade, according to a spokesman.