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tubing / трубопровод, трубы, тюбинг
имя существительное
pipeline, conduit, piping, pipe, duct, tubing
piping, tubing
имя существительное
a length or lengths of metal, plastic, glass, etc., in tubular form.
use the plastic tubing to siphon the beer into the bottles
the leisure activity of riding on water or snow on a large inflated inner tube.
For the adrenaline junkies, jet skis, water skiing and tubing are just a few examples of the water sports available at the beach.
provide with a tube or tubes.
a giant eight-tubed hookah
fit (a person or animal) with a tube to assist breathing, especially after a laryngotomy.
Reports suggest that he was found with a plastic bag and some tubing while in doping control.
The bottles were uniformly aerated using a compressor and plastic tubing .
We set to work in that bright and humid space cutting large plastic tubing and small plastic tubing .
When a pre-prepared bag of a substance for transfusion, such as blood, saline and the like, is to be connected to another piece of equipment, for example in a hospital, this is usually done by use of plastic tubing .
Cover each loop with plastic tubing to avoid corrosion and increase durability.
The device, which consisted of a foot-operated pump, clear plastic tubing attached to large plastic cups, was supposed to enlarge by creating a vacuum.
Arterial catheters with plastic tubing had not been invented.
During the second day at the camp, I decided to go tubing on the lake during the break.
Modern industry has also introduced plastic tubing and vacuum pumps to siphon the sap directly to a single central location for further processing.
Generally, it is 1/2 inch flexible plastic tubing that is laid out at 8 to 12 inch spacing below or in the floor.