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tuberculous / туберкулезный, чахоточный, бугорчатый
имя прилагательное
tuberculous, tubercular, consumptive, phthisic
consumptive, hectic, tuberculous, chesty, phthisic
lumpy, tuberous, papillose, tuberculous
However, doctors quickly became suspicious about her symptoms and it was discovered that she was in fact suffering from a rare form of tuberculous meningitis.
A number of studies have examined the role of corticosteroid therapy for tuberculous pleural effusions, but only two have been prospective, double blind, and randomized.
On the basis of the available data, albeit limited, adjunctive corticosteroid therapy with dexamethasone is recommended for all patients, particularly those with a decreased level of consciousness, with tuberculous meningitis.
Central nervous system tuberculosis includes tuberculous meningitis (the most common presentation), intracranial tuberculomas, and spinal tuberculous arachnoiditis.
Mona had tuberculous meningitis when she was 12, she tells me.