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tuba / туба
имя существительное
tuba, tube
имя существительное
a large brass wind instrument of bass pitch, with three to six valves and a broad bell typically facing upward.
She plays the violin, viola and piano, while Antonin plays the viola, cello, double bass, tuba , guitar and recorder.
While they were eating, a small jazz band in the corner, made up of only a trumpet, trombone, clarinet, tuba , flute, and drums, provided music.
Well, of course the didgeridoo is basically a simple pipe like an organ pipe, but the difference is you play a didgeridoo rather in the way you play a tuba or a trumpet: you buzz your lips and organ pipes mostly work more like flutes.
Puzzlingly, the tuba and bass are softly playing a different song.
The traditional tuba and charchetas are replaced by electric bass and synthesizer.
To qualify they must be taking a full-time honours degree course in music studies and jazz studies playing trombone, tuba , bassoon, French horn, oboe, double bass or piano.
The ensuing fugue is more dramatic - some quite powerful playing here, using both a concert pianist's finger technique and the orchestral sounds available to the romantic organ, complete with pedal solos and tuba stop.
Although the adults will form their own group, it means that instruments which traditionally are played by adults such as saxophones, percussion, tuba and base guitar, will be missing from the children's band.
Even more surprising are the number of standard orchestral instruments that are currently under threat - double bass, viola, horn, oboe, bassoon, tuba and trombone.
My father and both my grandfathers were musicians and two of them played the trombone and one the tuba !
For example, where we live, brass bands march at many ceremonies, and right at the back comes the big bass tuba .