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tub / ванна, кадка, бак
имя существительное
bath, tub, bathtub, vat, puddle, hearth
tub, vat, pail
tank, tub, vat, forecastle, cistern, pail
мыться в ванне
сажать растение в кадку
накладывать масло в кадку
имя существительное
a wide, open, deep, typically round container with a flat bottom used for holding liquids, growing plants, etc..
hydrangeas in a patio tub
an old, awkward, or run-down vessel.
You'd think they would be wise and paint their boats, but they pick out the worst old tubs for their rum ships.
plant in a tub.
tubbed fruit trees
wash or bathe (someone or something) in or as in a tub or bath.
The feet can be tubbed and cold hosed during the first few hours to reduce inflammation.
she ate a tub of yogurt
It hit their little boat so hard that the wooden tub shattered on contact and blew all four friends onto the shore.
One of the few luxuries her room had was the sunken bath tub .
The ones previously planted out into a tub are really growing well; the ones in the cold frame are still little.
The old tub , carrying a load of oil pregnant with toxins and separated from the sea by a single layer of metal, should never have been allowed to leave the Baltic Sea.
This tub could make only about eight or nine knots (nautical miles per hour).
A tub of ice-cream with the film comes gratis, but wine is extra.
Planted in a deep tub , within a couple of seasons it will reach for the sky and festoon your railings with its sweet scented flowers.
a margarine tub
We saw a model of a woman pulling a tub full of coal along a tunnel while a child aged about six worked as a trapper, opening and shutting air doors to allow air to circulate along the roadways.