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tryst / свидание, место встречи, назначенная встреча
имя существительное
date, rendezvous, appointment, tryst, engagement
место встречи
venue, meeting point, rendezvous, tryst
назначенная встреча
имя существительное
a private, romantic rendezvous between lovers.
a moonlight tryst
keep a private, romantic rendezvous.
a trysting place
And as usual, they have a couple of dates and run off for a romantic tryst somewhere.
a moonlight tryst
If we were leaving to find a spot to tryst , wouldn't they expect us to do it with a little more discretion?
a moonlight tryst
Her father discovers the tryst and immediately arranges to send Claire home.
Amberley Castle is surrounded by Sussex countryside, has an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts and beautiful courtyard gardens, including a rose arbour for romantic trysts .
In the town, there was considerable sentiment for lighting the town cemetery - to make it less attractive to teen-age trysters .
The two then ended up traveling and trysting together through several states.
Their trysts were varied, romantic and playful, serious and passionate.
The Poet's Bridge evokes thoughts of romantic trysts , languid lovers and passionate verses.