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trying / трудный, тяжелый, мучительный
имя прилагательное
difficult, hard, tough, tight, arduous, trying
heavy, hard, severe, difficult, grave, trying
painful, excruciating, agonizing, torturous, grievous, trying
имя прилагательное
difficult or annoying; hard to endure.
it had been a very trying day
make an attempt or effort to do something.
he tried to regain his breath
subject (someone) to trial.
he was arrested and tried for the murder
smooth (roughly planed wood) with a plane to give an accurately flat surface.
extract (oil or fat) by heating.
some of the fat may be tried out and used
Singaporeans are going through difficult and trying times in varying ways.
Seriously though, can anyone this side of the Orion belt say they did not expect a difficult and trying season?
This week he said he was beginning to renew his love of the game after the trying period he has endured.
A trying , testing, history lesson maybe - but one that yields an abundance of rewards.
Of course there were the academic areas: History, Geography, tryingly presented; mythology, logic and theology were my favourites.
She is cheerful, well meaning and - in the eyes of nearly everyone she meets - tryingly dull.
All this provides a certainty that messy real life so tryingly fails to.