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try-out / проба, репетиция, проверка
имя существительное
try, sample, test, trial, probe, try-out
rehearsal, repetition, run-through, try-out
check, verification, test, examination, review, try-out
имя существительное
a test of the potential of someone or something, especially in the context of entertainment or sports.
she would be too distraught to compete in cheerleader tryouts
I do try-out gigs in pubs
In these circumstances I do not think it necessary to have a try-out in the second team before returning.
One of my most memorable experiences was a first try-out of Thai cooking.
the actress had been given her role only as a try-out
‘We should do this for the sound check as a try-out ,’ said Astor.
He had two sets, and felt that as a former hurler I could become a good golfer, and insisted that I should accompany him for a try-out .
He secured a try-out for his idea in a local newspaper in the United States where his wife was working and the readers' response was remarkable.
While he was the first to perform it was nowhere near as nerve-wracking as the day one try-outs .
The try-outs are part of a concerted effort by World Wrestling Entertainment to reward their fans in the north west, who have been among the most fervent supporters of the company in the UK.
He attended try-outs in Europe later that month, made the team and then came home to Edmonton.