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trundle / катить, везти, катиться
roll, trundle, wheel, troll, bowl
carry, take, wheel, have luck, tote, trundle
roll, run, trundle, bowl along, troll, bowl
имя существительное
wheel, castor, roller, caster, trundle
roller, roll, pulley, castor, caster, trundle
(with reference to a wheeled vehicle or its occupants) move or cause to move slowly and heavily, typically in a noisy or uneven way.
ten vintage cars trundled past
имя существительное
an act of moving slowly or heavily.
The second was a roller-coaster ride in which the opening stages were a gentle trundle followed by an all-in death slide as the game reached a dramatic and totally unexpected denouement.
I waited for fully 90 seconds for a small goods train to trundle past.
So, after another fifteen minutes, off I trundle back to the post office for another form.
When our group at work goes outside for a cigarette break, I usually trundle along behind them.
Plus, you get the added bonus of being able to trundle around in vehicles, most of them heavily armed.
Soon afterward everyone came back inside to wash his or her hands and trundle off to bed.
The little station building is still there, and tourist trains still trundle by almost hourly.
But already my hunched shoulders become broadened as my trundle becomes a bound.
And trust officials are hoping as many fans as possible will get in training for the estimated seven mile trundle .
Five million visitors trundle into the Grand Canyon every year, but they make little impact.
Aging vehicles trundle along tracks on the road, usually bursting at the seams with passengers and in a mild state of disrepair.