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truly / действительно, поистине, истинно
really, real, actually, indeed, truly, in reality
truly, verily, in truth, virtually, in sooth, in all verity
truly, verily
in a truthful way.
he speaks truly
to the fullest degree; genuinely or properly.
management does not truly understand or care about the residents
in fact or without doubt; really.
this is truly a miracle
loyally or faithfully.
why cannot all masters be served truly?
In order to truly understand what went wrong with this war, you have to look at what was being said and what was being heard before we went into it.
this is truly a miracle
That decade truly represented the age of parity, relatively speaking.
It has a long way to go before it can merit serious consideration as a truly effective marketing tool.
It may not seem like much out of context, but the effect within this song is truly wondrous.
Part of what fuels popular interest in the black tulip saga is the fact that no truly black tulip actually exists to this day - nor is one ever likely to!
Have you ever truly analysed your real feelings?
he speaks truly
An absolutely auspicious week for some serious concentrating on what it is you most truly madly deeply want this year.
This was a slip of the brain on our part for which we are truly , madly deeply sorry.