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trudge / устало тащиться, идти с трудом
устало тащиться
идти с трудом
slug, trudge, limp
имя существительное
длинный трудный путь
утомительная прогулка
traipse, trapes, trapse, trudge
имя существительное
a difficult or laborious walk.
he began the long trudge back
walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions.
I trudged up the stairs
It is within sight of the main platform of the train station but inaccessible except by car or a long trudge down suburban streets.
He let out a sigh and started his trudge down the hall to the right toward the office.
He laughs as he recalls a particularly arduous day on location, trying to take some gear off a make-up girl for a long trudge up a hillside for the next scene, and being told off for it.
The trudge over open territory in the middle of daylight would have horrified any tactical or strategic planner in the Marine Corps.
Then we wandered around the market, before munching on some ice-cream and beginning the long trudge back to the car.
In the stiffly rugged heaviness of the shoes there is the accumulated tenacity of the slow trudge through the far-spreading and ever-uniform furrows of the field swept by a raw wind.
Our trudge through the neighborhood is not quiet at all.
Nevertheless, she put one foot in front of the other numbing herself to the pain and commenced her trudge .
he began the long trudge back to Stokenchurch Street
Walking from and to the car parked a block away was an arduous trudge .