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truckload / грузовик
полный грузовик
имя существительное
a quantity of goods that can be transported in a truck.
a truckload of chemicals caught fire
The gym has contributed more than 40,000 rupees [more than $900 U.S.] and also delivered a truckload of slippers, rice and clothing to the victims.
There are countless corporate, commercial and content-rich websites; not to mention a truckload of personal homepages.
There will be a truckload of new supplies delivered to your school Friday afternoon.
So when Louis asks Charlie for yet another favor, Charlie must oblige and help him deliver a truckload of TVs.
A Croatian lorry driver caught with a haul of sub-machineguns in his truckload of frozen pizzas was cleared of all charges yesterday.
Thursday, August 1st started off badly, because at midnight I was still almost six hours away from home with a truckload of furniture.
I got changed quickly, deciding on a pair black pants with a truckload of pockets, a short-sleeved black shirt with purple splashed everywhere and a pair of worn sneakers.
A truckload of plutonium waste has been hijacked on the waterfront.
A truckload of troops was immediately sent to cordon off the area.
As every Delhi mother buys a truckload of gold jewellery for her daughter, most gold is imported and, therefore, hugely overpriced.