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truck / грузовик, тележка, грузовой автомобиль
имя существительное
truck, lorry, commercial vehicle, motor lorry, autotruck, automobile wagon
truck, cart, trolley, carriage, bogie, dolly
грузовой автомобиль
truck, lorry, autotruck, motor lorry, automobile wagon
платить натурой
перевозить автотранспортом
грузить на грузовик
entruck, truck
имя существительное
a wheeled vehicle, in particular.
There will be classic and vintage cars, racing cars, go-carts, bikes, trucks , service vehicles and just about anything else with wheels.
a undercarriage with four to six wheels pivoted beneath the end of a railroad car.
He has a line on a set of trucks - the wheels and suspension that a railcar rides on - that would fit his car.
a wooden disk at the top of a ship's mast or flagstaff, with sheaves for signal halyards.
The main lifting halyard uses a single revolving truck /pulley, while the yard arm and gaff halyards are suspended by marine grade stainless steel pulleys.
Following Adam Smith, humans have a natural tendency to barter, truck , and trade.
small wares.
convey by truck.
the food was trucked to St. Petersburg
barter or exchange.
Usually it is the male members of the family who walk or transport the buffaloes into Bolu; it is men who purchase and who truck , barter and exchange the buffaloes.
Later they tried organic truck crop production on the Frey farm, but this was difficult, being so far from urban areas.
There was little currency available so that payment in kind, barter and truck were widespread.
The bike hit the front trailer of the truck , damaging one of its rims.
The axle of the truck is a rod the goes from one end of the hangar to the other and sticks out on both sides.
Payment of wages in " truck " was abolished.
Travelling by a separate route, a customised lorry, truck and trailer carry all our supplies, including 3,000 litres of water and a ton each of horse feed and firewood.
First, the sheaves at the masthead truck will need to be replaced because they're wire-sized and the new rope halyard will have a larger diameter.
Though he lives within the city limits of Longview, he has seven or eight acres of land on which he grows truck garden crops.
One bomb destroyed a truck carrying troops, and the other went off in a ruined church where the survivors took cover.
Following Adam Smith, humans have a natural tendency to barter, truck , and trade.