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truant / прогуливать
walk, truant, wag, mouch
имя существительное
truant, quitter, slacker, wag
bummer, lazybones, idler, sluggard, bum, truant
школьник, прогуливающий уроки
имя прилагательное
lazy, indolent, slothful, idle, sluggish, truant
idle, indolent, vacuous, leisured, easeful, truant
имя существительное
a student who stays away from school without leave or explanation.
Known truants were staying in school and had been deterred from leaving school grounds.
имя прилагательное
(of a student) being a truant.
truant children
Having been a truant pupil himself, Mark was keen to ensure that they did not follow in his footsteps, although they were rarely excused from helping him with his own projects.
Many of the truant students claim they were stressed out by exams or had problems getting along with classmates.
Two grown daughters in the family join the truant male whenever the old man launches into story.
A mother brings her truant son to school to be flogged for neglecting his studies in favour of gambling.
Had authorities followed up, critics said, they might have reached - or at least noticed - the truant students and stopped their respective attacks.
Under the scheme, truant pupils are identified and the welfare service tries to help them.
That is exactly why the Minister of Education has been putting in place programmes to ensure those young people are not truant , are not suspended; they are at school where they belong.
Police officers have begun an operation to target truant schoolchildren in the town.
After determining that she would not injure anyone, she had to attend school and not be truant .
Here are the other truant titans, along with their stated reasons for missing the premier IFBB contest.