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trousseau / приданое
имя существительное
dowry, trousseau, dower, portion, dot, trousseaux
имя существительное
the clothes, household linen, and other belongings collected by a bride for her marriage.
The trousseau of a young bride would contain twenty or thirty of these dresses, seven of which are worn, one on top of the other, on the ‘night of henna’ immediately prior to the marriage ceremony.
We have a trousseau collection that will truly delight you.
The period between the betrothal and the wedding also allowed the bride to prepare her trousseau , while the groom could use the time to make preparations for the wedding.
Also, since the target is the wedding season, designing for women makes better business sense ‘since women worry more about what they are going to wear’ and the traditional trousseau brings in plenty of revenue.
Ola was busy sewing and getting her trousseau together.
The best of every bit that goes into making a wedding trousseau will be here at the exhibition, she assures.
The trousseau had accompanied my mother on her sea journey from Scotland, a hopeless chest filled with the sort of frippery that quickly disintegrates in Africa.
This is not a trousseau collection or even bridal wear.
It's very lucky that Mother had started putting together my trousseau when William proposed to me last October, otherwise we would have an impossible amount of work to do.
This was also the period in which young women were apprenticed to seamstresses, to prepare their trousseau and be initiated into the skills of seduction.
In traditional families, a new bride's parents visit her in her new home on the fortieth day after the marriage and give her a trousseau .