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trouser / брючный
имя существительное
relating to trousers.
his trouser pocket
I'm not saying I'm unaccustomed to luxury, but I did get quite excited to find I had an executive trouser press in my room.
She reached into her trouser pocket for a flare, and lit it.
He said the company had embraced fresh thinking in the past - en-suite facilities in bedrooms were a novelty 20 years ago, along with televisions and trouser presses.
You can use a hanger with clamps or slide the slacks onto a trouser rod or regular hanger.
When they were ready, she took a small pouch from her trouser pocket.
There was a tear in his left trouser leg, just above the knee, blood was staining the fabric there.
Anecdotally, some patients have also reported pain after routinely wedging bulky wallets into their trouser pockets.
the return of the high-waisted trouser
He pulls back the trouser of his left leg and reveals a shaft of shiny brown plastic with a wooden foot squeezed into a second-hand running shoe.
She reached inside her trouser pocket and brought out a necklace, heavily jeweled.