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trouper / актер, член труппы
имя существительное
actor, player, comedian, trouper, mummer, comic
член труппы
имя существительное
an actor or other entertainer, typically one with long experience.
The Thai performers are experienced troupers who know how to lip-sync to Chinese songs and they would go downstage to mingle with the audience, such as sitting down on the laps of the male audience members.
I'd recommend it to novice gardeners because it is a real trouper of a plant.
But he is a trouper who often ends up saving the day.
a real trouper , Ma concealed her troubles
But, being a trouper , she drove out of LA with a guitar and a box of records, and did a one-woman ‘tour’, playing at locations of opportunity for a couple of weeks.
‘So Richard, the trouper that he is, hit the stage to a rapturous applause of appreciation, gave a marvellous opening speech and saved the day gloriously,’ said Mr Simpson.
She is - loyal trouper - solidly behind him, more interested, apparently, in setting the historical record straight than concerned about her own very public humiliation.
But Rona the trouper quickly moved on, wheezing her way into the audience's affections.
She was a trouper and just got on with it and helped set the tone.
Well, she's a trouper through and through, that's for sure.
She's been on her own for the best part of 20 years since my dad died, but she's always a trouper .