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trounce / бить, пороть, наказывать
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, trounce
flog, thrash, trounce, flagellate, lather, lace
punish, penalize, chastise, discipline, correct, trounce
defeat heavily in a contest.
the Knicks trounced the Rockets on Sunday
Howard, of course, went on to trounce Mark in the only contest that in the end mattered - on the election day.
Both sides have recorded good midweek results, Harrogate beating Whitley Bay 1-0 and Farsley trouncing Bradford Park Avenue 4-1.
How dare he even mention her name when he is one of the worst trouncers of human rights everywhere?
The legislative Speaker conceded defeat after being trounced by Jones.
The major countries are trouncing the minor countries, which really makes one wonder about the countries that have been eliminated on the way to these finals.
There will have been more than a few County fans aggrieved at defeating Alloa by a margin less impressive than their rivals' 4-1 trouncing the previous week, but let there be no mistake, this was a vital win in a fraught campaign.
Meanwhile, the young woman in the leather suit had trounced several of the black-clad thugs.
Fylde gained ample revenge for an earlier 6-1 defeat by trouncing Arnside Reserves 10-1.
Last season they had a point to prove and they did just that, going unbeaten through their league campaign and then trouncing Grange in the Scottish Cup final just 24 hours after the Edinburgh club had been crowned Premier League champions.
In York White Rose Ladies League division one, Sun's title aspirations were dealt a blow after Tap trounced them 5-2.