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troubling / беспокоящий
имя прилагательное
troubling, disturbing, bothering, perturbing
имя прилагательное
causing distress or anxiety.
this is a troubling development for the president
cause distress or anxiety to.
he was not troubled by doubts
Some experts question how far even Sunday's test will go in answering the most troubling questions.
Buying fish, however, can be troubling for new cooks.
The 1994 presidential election campaign began in troubling circumstances.
Despite the appearance of some troubling signs, the week saw steady corporate debt issuance.
The extent to which industries are moving a wide array of mid-level professional jobs offshore is troubling .
A different kind of influx is troubling co-hosts Japan.
I've observed or been informed by Sarah of several troubling issues.
Rothfels reminds us of the troubling questions about animal captivity.
Furthermore, the idea of citizenship, once introduced, raised many troubling questions.
Colchester Council is to make cutbacks to meet financially " troubling times ".