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troublemaker / нарушитель спокойствия, смутьян, нарушитель порядка
имя существительное
нарушитель спокойствия
troublemaker, peacebreaker
troublemaker, firebrand, mischief-maker
нарушитель порядка
имя существительное
a person who habitually causes difficulty or problems, especially by inciting others to defy those in authority.
Authorities described the youths as troublemakers bored during a current school summer vacation.
The Austrian authorities soon marked him down as a troublemaker as he encouraged trade unions and attacked the Catholic Church.
He said most of the trouble was down to a handful of hard-core troublemakers who were well known to police and the courts.
And this crisis provides a useful reminder that, contrary to popular belief, our media are often not nearly as troublemaking as they should be.
You can have troublemaking , competitive people, but you need to focus their energies where it adds value for the audience.
These new powers will give us the ability to intervene when there are signs of trouble and get rid of the troublemakers .
Uniform and plain clothes officers will attempt to snare troublemakers before warmer weather increases fire risks.
But her troublemaking also had its principled side.
The officers have radios and mobile phones and have authority to ask passengers to produce tickets and to ask troublemakers to get off.
The authorities need to formulate and implement effective measures to keep these troublemakers off the streets.
But police say anti-social behaviour remains a problem and vowed to crackdown on troublemakers .