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trot / рысь, шпаргалка, старая карга
имя существительное
lynx, trot, bobcat
crib, cabbage, trot, cab, pony
старая карга
crone, harridan, trot, beldame, beldam, grimalkin
идти рысью
пускать рысью
haste, hasten, push on, be in a hurry, speed, trot
имя существительное
a trotting pace.
our horses slowed to a trot
a bad case of the trots
a literal translation of a foreign language text for use by students, especially in a surreptitious way.
adult readers who can turn to translations without being penalized for depending on trots
(with reference to a horse or other quadruped) proceed or cause to proceed at a pace faster than a walk, lifting each diagonal pair of legs alternately.
the horses trotted slowly through the night
About the most complicated part was making sure the horse would trot with a slack shank and stand square when the judge walked by.
Smiling broadly, she slowed to a trot and cantered when the next log came into view.
When they had all passed, she went back out on the road and continued onwards, quickening the horses pace to a trot .
‘We go forth,’ he said sternly, and set the pace at a quick trot .
He had the horse going at a pace just above a trot ; I guess he really wanted to get rid of me.
our horses slowed to a trot
Grant looked back behind their Jeep and saw Arian keeping pace at a mere trot .
As they were going at a slow trot , he listened to the wind moving through the trees, and actually felt a sense of peace, as uneasy as he had been before.
Simpson believes his bad trot is about to end
Students trot on and off campus completely oblivious to the huge potential for campus life that lies just beneath their noses.