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trophy / трофей, приз, награда
имя существительное
trophy, prize, haul, spoil
prize, trophy, purse, pot, stake, capture
reward, prize, premium, trophy, tribute, meed
украшать трофеями
имя существительное
a cup or other decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success.
The age groups ranged from four to 20, with a trophy awarded for first prize and certificates for second and third.
(in ancient Greece or Rome) the weapons and other spoils of a defeated army set up as a memorial of victory.
The Temple of Zeus itself was funded from a military campaign, and its entablature was adorned with Spartan military trophies .
in nouns corresponding to adjectives ending in -trophic (such as phototrophy corresponding to phototrophic ).
Why should a picture always hang on the wall like a hunting trophy ?
A local industrialist gave away the trophy and the prizes to the winners at the concluding day yesterday.
She landed with a clunk of her chin on the wooden floorboards looking for all the world like a hunting trophy rug.
In one photo, Vasell poses alone holding up the head of his trophy with the hunting rifle leaned against the animal's body.
She was awarded a trophy for the best technical performance and took the lightweight title.
Derby's victory perhaps made the award of the Premiership trophy to United more muted than it might otherwise have been.
One is covered with fur, adorned with antlers, and mounted like a hunting trophy .
That trophy is awarded every year to the winner of the football competition among the Army, Navy and Air Force.
Denise was awarded with a trophy and rosette for her efforts.
The winners will receive a special trophy , with rosettes awarded to the runners-up.