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trooper / кавалерист, танкист, конный полицейский
имя существительное
cavalryman, trooper, horseman, cavalier, saber, horsesoldier
tanker, trooper
конный полицейский
trooper, ranger, sowar
имя существительное
a state police officer.
Radar detectors do just that - detect radar beams that are being distributed from the radar guns of police officers or state troopers .
a private soldier in a cavalry, armored, or airborne unit.
Behind the Colonel were his hand picked unit of super troopers .
In 1914 he enlisted as a trooper and he was killed in France, shot through the head while resting in a shallow crater.
A cavalry trooper is typically a well-trained ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in the combined arms arena.
Here we came across a stray carriage into which I was lifted, and it was driven off to the Quatre Saisons - the young officer accompanying me, whilst a trooper followed with his horse, and the others rode off to their barracks.
Every trooper , every transport, every ship is brought together in a massive armada for the invasion.
I ended up getting a job as a policeman and eventually finished as a state trooper .
After about an hour, a state trooper arrived.
I would argue that now, every soldier is also a cavalry trooper .
This, combined with Schofield's latch, made it possible for a cavalry trooper to reload the gun with one hand and still maintain control of his horse.
His philosophy was not relevant to wars fought earlier with different weapons and armor, or even those wars when the hand gun became the common and preferred weapon of choice for the mounted trooper .
Air assault troopers , once on board the helicopters, must be ready to conduct small arms fire through aircraft openings.