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trombone / тромбон
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large brass wind instrument with straight tubing in three sections, ending in a bell over the player's left shoulder, different fundamental notes being made using a forward-pointing extendable slide.
The works required four trumpets, three trombones , one tuba, and several percussion instruments including bells & whistles!
Various songs also make use of mouthbow, harmonica, sousaphone and trombone .
bass trombone
While they were eating, a small jazz band in the corner, made up of only a trumpet, trombone , clarinet, tuba, flute, and drums, provided music.
After a quiet intro where the interweaving trombone and sax establish the melancholy theme, the full band of drums, piano, congas, bass clarinet, trombone , and tenor sax aggressively joins in.
Take two trumpets, a French horn, a trombone and a tuba and you have a lot of brass!
The expanded orchestra, with added bass trumpet, contra bass trombone , special Wagner tubas and five harps which give this work its distinctive timbre, at turns scintillating and louring, played with admirable finesse.
He felt an affinity for the subtlety of the slide trombone and related to its connecting influence and to its relatively low profile as a lead instrument.
Soon afterwards, he joined the local brass band, learning first the trombone , then the trumpet and cornet.
By the age of 4, he was able to play the balalaika, accordion, and guitar, and by 8, the oboe as well as the trombone and other brass instruments.
Cello, saxophone, contra-bass, viola, trombone and piano converse in a tone at once astringent and oddly assuasive.