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trolleybus / троллейбус
имя существительное
trolleybus, trackless trolley
имя существительное
a bus powered by electricity obtained from an overhead cable by means of a trolley wheel.
London is famed for its highly efficient trolleybus system.
I ventured on to the Danube's east bank and clambered aboard a trolleybus bound for City Park.
The spectacular journey delivers you across the spine of Japan by cable car, bus, trolleybus and ropeway.
The minute my friend and I, bound for the concert, got off the trolleybus to reach the venue, it was obvious everyone was out for a great night.
Campaigners who fought a battle to have Doncaster's last remaining trolleybus poles listed for conservation have welcomed council plans to restore them.
Today I saw that the trolleybus lines were broken along Kent Terrace.
It would not be restricted to travelling under wires, so could follow diversions and overtake other trolleybuses .
I actually like the new buses - they afford easy entry/exit at multiple points along the body of the bus, akin to the trams and trolleybuses in continental cities and modern British cities like Manchester and Sheffield.
This will involve the purchase of 100 new trolleybuses and buses and the modernisation of the tram fleet.
The claret and amber stripes are as important a part of this city's identity as the town hall clock and the old trolleybuses .