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trolley / тележка, вагонетка, троллей
имя существительное
truck, cart, trolley, carriage, bogie, dolly
trolley, car, truck, wagon, carriage, tram
ехать на трамвае
имя существительное
a wheel attached to a pole, used for collecting current from an overhead electric wire to drive a streetcar or trolley bus.
In later years, the tarries were electrified, and poles held the trolley wire.
a large metal basket or frame on wheels, used for transporting heavy or large items, such as supermarket purchases or luggage at an airport or railroad station.
The group's services range from treatments to harden metals for aero-engines to providing the shine on metals used in supermarket trolleys .
We went by trolley to a Chinese restaurant, Sam Wah's, which I believe was the only one in Austin.
In later years, the tarries were electrified, and poles held the trolley wire.
And several museums and a zoo on Chicago's North Side just won a federal grant for a new trolley to bring visitors up from downtown.
The village is served by four stops on the city's trolley line, which makes it transit-oriented.
Choose a trolley rather than a basket as this offers you more mobility.
Without missing a beat, another aide approached the table, wheeling a trolley heaped with food.
Two of them will get an opportunity to accompany the drinks trolley during the match!
Auto companies did buy up the city's Red Car trolley and dismantle it.
When it came to buckling the children into the supermarket trolley , belt use was in direct proportion to attractiveness.
In addition, bus and trolley fleets will be renewed and upgraded.