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trivialize / опошлять
trivialize, vulgarize, hack, banalize, hackney
make (something) seem less important, significant, or complex than it really is.
the problem was either trivialized or ignored by teachers
They truly suffered, especially in 1915, and I am in no way willing to minimize or trivialize that tragedy.
Postmodern thought tends to trivialize this desire, if not ignore it altogether.
I don't mean to trivialize sports and the important role they play in our society.
A characteristic of recent expansionist arguments in the field of copyright has been to minimize or trivialize the public domain.
As a result, the film seems to trivialize important events in Dutch history.
These governments took a significant political risk to make these statements - don't trivialize it.
I am happy to debate the policy; I am not happy to see such an important debate trivialised by saying that the law defines women as fathers.
Eventually, the trivialization of the name will continue until the word has only a vague meaning, perhaps implying a ‘bad’ person.
In a very real sense, presenting an e-book reader as a sort of substitute for a printed book underestimates and trivializes the future.
It is a sadly inverted and trivialized world in which all that is unimportant becomes important and all that is important becomes unimportant.