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triviality / тривиальность, банальность, незначительность
имя существительное
triviality, trivialism
banality, commonplace, platitude, triviality, triteness, humdrum
insignificance, littleness, triviality, negligibility, exiguity, insignificancy
имя существительное
lack of seriousness or importance; insignificance.
the mediocrity and triviality of current popular culture
The matter of the United Kingdom being engaged in a war which few of us condone far transcends the triviality of local affairs.
The triviality of these people and their lives is staggering.
We can laugh at, or bemoan, the triviality of the media.
the relentlessness of his triviality is grating
So much of my day is taken up with triviality , frustration, and minutiae!
But my problem with the ideological feminism was that I couldn't stand the triviality of so much of it.
We had traded in a decade of triviality for an era of profundity.
Meanwhile, I reflected on the triviality of human affairs and the weakness of the individuals who hold the fate of the world in their hands.
To most teams, this would seem like a triviality .
the mediocrity and triviality of current popular culture