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trivia / мелочи, пустяки
имя существительное
trivia, minutiae
trivia, nothingness, trivial issues, playgame, fiddle-faddle
имя существительное
details, considerations, or pieces of information of little importance or value.
we fill our days with meaningless trivia
имя существительное
an introductory curriculum at a medieval university involving the study of grammar, rhetoric, and logic.
His initial studies covered the trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.
we fill our days with meaningless trivia
Nigel has provided a site which gives statistical information and many items of trivia about the club.
It's a safe piece of trivia that no one expects but then it's pretty easy to remember.
Apart from a trip to the supermarket, we stayed home, catching up on trivia of course but, mostly, just resting.
The Bank of England website contains a treasure trove of banknote trivia .
We demand information, both essential facts and trivia , about whatever we eat and drink.
I have a disturbing fascination with minutiae, general knowledge, pointless facts and other trivia .
Interesting trivia and movie minutia will grace your screen as you watch the film.
Having heard it repeated a few times, I now find it's one of those pieces of trivia that I simply know.
As a result of talking to no one of any importance, they fell into the trap that so many in the media do of becoming obsessed with spin and trivia .