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trivet / таган, подставка, треножник
имя существительное
trivet, spider
stand, rack, pedestal, support, coaster, trivet
tripod, trivet
имя прилагательное
trivet, three-legged
имя существительное
an iron tripod placed over a fire for a cooking pot or kettle to stand on.
On and around them are all sorts of spits, racks, trivets , pans, kettles, cauldrons and hot plates, all fashioned out of black cast iron.
The front of such trivet bracket is shaped to correspond with the front edge of the bracket carrying the grate and is formed to project from the thickness of the trivet bracket that such projecting edge may rest on the edge of the bracket carrying the grate and the trivet be thereby supported and prevented from revolving.
I walked out to the dining room and placed them on a trivet .
Across from the cooktop is a concrete prep counter with integrated trivet and butcher block.
‘I don't like to judge people without knowing them,’ she says at last, setting the coffee pot down on a thick ceramic tile doubling as a trivet .
Beth reaches for the teapot and sets it down on a trivet at the center of the kitchen table.
She set the casserole on its trivet on the table and put her nose down to get a fuller smell.
Her mother lifted the big pot from the stove and placed it on a metal trivet in the centre of the table.
The kettle remained almost permanently on the trivet .
His opening slide was of a cast iron trivet with a steaming kettle on top.
Without a word of answer he picked the trivet up from the table and followed me into the kitchen.