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triumvirate / триумвират
имя существительное
triumvirate, triarchy
имя существительное
(in ancient Rome) a group of three men holding power, in particular ( the First Triumvirate ) the unofficial coalition of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus in 60 bc and ( the Second Triumvirate ) a coalition formed by Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian in 43 bc.
the office of triumvir in ancient Rome.
In 36, Octavian defeated Pompey's son Sextus Pompeius at Naulochus, and also ousted Lepidus from the triumvirate .
But that did not happen, and the House of Lords survived in a triumvirate with the king and Commons.
But I do know there is a greater prospect he will seek a bit of equity in the distribution of investment and development of infrastructure than the present triumvirate .
The great triumvirate of white South African novelists share obvious preoccupations in the new South Africa.
The deadlocked triumvirate of urban political authority was unable to effect the economic changes necessary to revitalize the local economy.
The unpalatable truth, which the cosy triumvirate of mainstream parties refuse to face, is that there is not, and never has been a liberal consensus in this country.
Hermione isn't portrayed as the main character but she is the main source of knowledge, even wisdom, I would say, and adds strength in the triumvirate .
Finally, in the last few days, IBM, the father of PC technology, has added its corporate voice to those of this powerful triumvirate .
However, Elizabeth, James and Henry formed a triumvirate of monarchs, to which Essex, as her creature, could not aspire.
Antony emerged triumphant and the dominant partner of the triumvirate , while Octavian's seeming cowardice caused a severe if temporary setback to his ambitions.
He provided the balance within the ruling triumvirate , holding command over the 45,000-strong army.