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triumphal / триумфальный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
made, carried out, or used in celebration of a great victory or achievement.
a vast triumphal arch
The twenty-kilometre journey from Sandwich to Canterbury became a triumphal procession.
The following day, de Gaulle staged a triumphal procession which confirmed his position as liberator and leader of France.
The scale of the triumphal arch is gargantuan and this is reinforced by its highly simplified architectural detail.
I was always revolted by that triumphal sense of an achieved empire - to me it was appalling.
The triumphal arch is used to honour the victorious military leader, and the arch of brotherhood is used to symbolise unity, equality and protection.
And before the triumphal lunch of the following day is even contemplated, there is Christmas Eve supper to produce.
In place of the usual triumphal victory speeches and photo-calls, the two candidates issued only brief statements.
Towering over the remote monastery at Masham there was even a triumphal column celebrating not the victories of kings but of Christ and his saints.
Now while that celebration was deserved, if a little gauche and overly triumphal , the reasons for it must be analysed.
In the famous triumphal procession the chorus sings ‘Gloria’ with faces totally devoid of expression.