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triumph / триумф, торжество, победа
имя существительное
triumph, glory, palm
triumph, solemnity, exultation, function, fete, exultancy
victory, win, winning, triumph, conquest, day
exult, triumph, sing, jubilate, crow, crew
win, overcome, conquer, defeat, vanquish, triumph
имя существительное
a great victory or achievement.
a garden built to celebrate Napoleon's many triumphs
the processional entry of a victorious general into ancient Rome.
Such was the fate of the Vandal king, Gelimir, paraded through Constantinople in 534 in a procession evoking the triumphs of ancient Rome.
achieve a victory; be successful.
spectacle has once again triumphed over content
(of a Roman general) ride into ancient Rome after a victory.
Caesar triumphed at Rome four times in the same month, with a few days between each triumph.
Nevertheless, I do get a sense from the trailer of a resounding triumph and victory when all is said and done.
In this alone it stands as a triumph of contrarianism.
The scene was a triumph of decorum, until Harmon, an enormous cat, entered the room, carrying a dead goldfish.
Prokofiev conceived it ‘as a symphony of the greatness of human spirit’; a triumph of victory over adversity at the end of the Second World War.
Laughing in triumph , Shanza had laid back and squirmed to get comfortable, then drifted off again, his sleep successfully dreamless.
This book is a triumph of self-effacing scholarship.
Although the Wasps were beaten 30-14 at South Leeds Stadium, it was their best performance in weeks and almost ended in triumph .
So the 35-year-old Californian, who'd had a moderate year in the Majors, finished in triumph .
the king returned home in triumph
So the Jacobite army entered London in triumph .