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triturate / растирать в порошок
растирать в порошок
triturate, levigate, pulverize
grind to a fine powder.
Some triturated powders can be prepared in a lapidary tumbler, using steel balls to do the grinding.
Many of the practices in the study did not use disposable capsules or modern triturators when the study was done.
Quite a few new triturators have been introduced to the market in the last five years.
Relaxed single smooth muscle cells were obtained by gentle trituration of the digested tissue with a plastic pipette.
If the mandibles continuously carry out mastication, a large part of the finely triturated food items would be lost into the surrounding environment.
A blender also can be used to prepare both triturations and successions.
After 6-7 days at 28°, mosquitoes were triturated in undiluted fetal bovine serum at a concentration of 35 mosquitoes/ml serum.
In a 2-hour, 3-shift operation, the chalk is crushed, dried in a stream of of hot air, pulverized in ball triturators and partially chemically refined.
The use of modern amalgams and modern triturators has resulted in amalgams with lower initial mercury levels.
The enzymatic dissociation was completed in a trypsin solution, after which individual cells were isolated from the digested tissue by trituration .
After resuspension in 1 mM chloride extracellular medium, cells were isolated by gentle trituration .