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trisect / делить на три равные части
делить на три равные части
divide (something) into three parts, typically three equal parts.
Nicomedes trisected any rectilinear angle by means of the conchoidal curves, of which he had handed down the origin, order, and properties, being himself the discoverer of their special characteristic.
What the proposals amounted to was a plan to trisect the West Bank into three cantons by annexing blocs of settlements.
The curve, so named by Roberval, can be used to trisect an angle.
two walls trisect the gallery
The right of the two diagrams shows how this hyperbola can be used to trisect the angle AOB.
Today, even as traffic signals multiply and thick yellow lines bisect and trisect the roads, motorists, scooterists and non-conformists all line up together at painfully long red lights and plan strategy.
Nicomedes, who was highly critical of Eratosthenes mechanical solution, gave a construction which used the conchoid curve which he also used to solve the problem of trisection of an angle.
In particular they used kinematic methods to solve the classical problem of trisecting an angle.
My own heritage is more far-flung, encompassing Wales, England, Germany, and Hungary, as well as countries in eastern Europe that no longer exist, having been bisected and trisected by countless wars.
Squaring the circle is one of the three great problems of Classical Geometry, along with the trisection of the angle and the duplication of the cube.
Like so many curves it was studied to provide a solution to one of the ancient Greek problems, this one is in relation to the problem of trisecting an angle.