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tripper / экскурсант, турист
имя существительное
sightseer, tripper, excursionist, visitor, camper, holiday-maker
tourist, camper, tourer, sightseer, tripper, excursionist
имя существительное
a person who goes on a pleasure trip or excursion.
When airline deregulation added competition in 1978, pleasure trippers snapped up cheap short-haul fares, too.
The tripper was hardly scratched, yet rounded on the fisherman in fury, swearing to sue ‘for his injuries and damage to his clothing’.
A seaside town needs to ditch its comic postcard image as a faded resort for trippers and become a vibrant community where people want to live and invest.
But there are also tableaux from different eras, including holidaymakers at breakfast time in a Fifties boarding house and then the same trippers enjoying a cup of tea in a beachside bathing hut.
Tourists and weekend trippers prefer to use other routes that are safer and provide faster access to their final destination.
The great Easter getaway will see thousands of trippers hitting roads and motorways with many making an early start tonight.
Yet, for some reason, the tourists, students and foreign school trippers were all giving me a wide berth, as I performed a jogging slalom along the pavement, trying to avoid all the muddy puddles, while muttering to myself.
More than 30,000 people were expected to hit town for the race meeting alone, let alone the thousands of trippers roaming York's attractions.
The tourist season got off to a good start in York.However, trippers were disappointed to find the Minster inaccessible for much of the day because of services.
The trippers paid the equivalent of £300 for their flights, transfers, hotels and a night out at Barca in Castlefield, where three of Iceland's favourite singers have been drafted in to make them feel at home.
These were among the findings of a survey, published yesterday, by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which found that most of the stay-at-homes cited bad traffic as their main reason for not joining the trippers .