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tripod / штатив, тренога, треножник
имя существительное
tripod, stand, rack, support, holder
tripod, shearlegs
tripod, trivet
имя прилагательное
tripod, tripodal, tripedal
имя существительное
a three-legged stand for supporting a camera or other apparatus.
If you can, use a tripod or other camera support to achieve sharpness, pack filters for a gloomy day and experiment.
a stool, table, or cauldron resting on three legs.
High tripod side tables are appropriate next to the sofa or love seat for country home decor.
If the buildings are artistically lit, night shots can produce dramatic results, but bring a tripod to keep the camera steady during long exposures.
For the night shots, have your camera on a tripod .
I almost never leave the camera on the tripod while I walk from one location to another due to fear of having the camera fall off.
His laptop glows in front of him, dimly lighting a video camera perched atop its tripod .
The technique works best if you keep the camera mounted on a tripod so each successive exposure is level with the others.
The bottom piece was essential if I wanted to be able to use the camera with a tripod .
Another great visual effect is to put the camera on the tripod and use a zoom lens.
The Pythia were priestesses of Apollo who would sit in a tripod or throne over a crevice in the earth.
Attributions are based largely on four documented sets of Chippendale style chairs and a tripod table.
He calls to the lords and asks them to add a tripod and a cauldron each to Odysseus' treasures.