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triplicate / тройной, составленный в трех экземплярах
имя прилагательное
triple, ternary, threefold, treble, triplex, triplicate
составленный в трех экземплярах
имя существительное
одна из трех копий
triple, treble, triplicate
составлять в трех экземплярах
make three copies of (something); multiply by three.
In the class III clones, a locus on the left arm had been triplicated and a substantial part of the right arm up to the terminal locus was missing.
имя существительное
a thing that is part of a set of three copies or corresponding parts.
the triplicate of a letter to the Governor
имя прилагательное
existing in three copies or examples.
triplicate measurements
Our platform described herein, for example, can perform triplicate measurements on up to 200 samples in a single run.
Each ratio is determined by triplicate measurements.
For each strain, triplicate counts were obtained from the same culture and averaged.
Do we really want all our favorite things thousands of miles away or do we duplicate or triplicate everything?
When he started in the late 1970s, he recorded deliveries on paper with triplicate carbons.
For each test animal, triplicate measurements of ear thickness were averaged and this average ear thickness of the vehicle-challenged ear was subtracted from the average thickness of the treated ear (edema ear difference).
The data represent mean values of triplicate measurements and are color coded, with red representing relative increased activity and green representing relative decreased activity compared to the parental control strain.
The means and standard deviations of triplicate samples are shown.
Data are the average of triplicate assays for separate plants.
Average values were calculated from triplicate experiments.