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triplex / триплекс, безосколочное стекло, трехдольный размер
имя существительное
безосколочное стекло
safety glass, triplex
трехдольный размер
triplex, triple time
имя прилагательное
triple, ternary, threefold, treble, triplex, triplicate
тройного действия
triplex, three-throw
имя прилагательное
having three parts, in particular (of a residence) on three floors.
his vast triplex apartment
имя существительное
a building divided into three self-contained residences.
The certificate is currently only required for triplexes and apartments.
a triple-stranded polynucleotide molecule.
Later it was found that homopurine strands can also specifically form a DNA triplex in which the AT base pair is contacted by an A and the GC base pair by a G.
(of electrical equipment or systems) be provided or fitted in triplicate so as to ensure reliability.
Diplexed and triplexed types have a single cable input which is selectively split to the outlet sockets.
Whether maintaining greens, tees, approaches or fairways, the triplex mower has the ability to deliver results that meet golf course superintendents' high expectations.
He helped us convert the home into a triplex that we could rent out.
Colin points out that if several cylinders are used in the pump, the pulsation frequency is a small multiple of the individual piston frequency, usually 2 for duplex and 6 for triplex pumps.
If this were the case, the first and third of these mechanisms must involve a stable triplex substate.
For example, we have duplicate platforms in the triplex mowers but we have to target that while retaining functionality for all the markets.
Next year, the UEC will establish a sample green roof atop a triplex to encourage surrounding homeowners to follow suit.
But specific features such as bedknife-to-reel knobs on the walk-behinds and an offset cutting-unit design on the triplex mowers can ensure you get the best cut possible.
Although it closed down in 1980, it was reopened as a triplex in 1985 by Landmark Theatres, the nation's largest art-house theater circuit.
The flight control system is a triplex digital fly-by-wire system.
Now, on April 1, we are launching three new triplex unedited channels.