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triplet / триплет, тройка, тройня
имя существительное
troika, three, triple, trio, triplet, threesome
triplet, trines
имя существительное
one of three children or animals born at the same birth.
In fact, triplets born to older mothers were actually less likely to experience poor birth outcomes than were triplets born to younger mothers.
a set or succession of three similar things.
The reason why a triplet or quad of Aces is worth so few points is because they can be very easy to get.
an atomic or molecular state characterized by two unpaired electrons with parallel spins.
The relatively stable ground state of oxygen is a triplet state with two unpaired electrons with the same spin quantum number, each located in different antibonding orbitals.
The third in the triplet took you in totally the opposite direction by looking at life as a transgender person who blurs the distinction between male and female identification.
That's to say, his poems build displacement into their structures: they move forward in discrete couplet and triplet units, they offer small bright pleasures and ask us to pass on quickly.
This work suggests that neither the number of available triplet codons nor the translational machinery itself represents a significant barrier to further expansion of the genetic code.
The photodynamic effect is accomplished mainly through the formation of singlet oxygen in the quenching of the sensitizer triplet state by ambient molecular oxygen.
The reason why a triplet or quad of Aces is worth so few points is because they can be very easy to get.
It would be safer for women to give birth in hospital if they were having twins or triplet or if their baby has a medical problem.
The number of triplet repeats in normal individuals is 11-34.
A mother has beaten odds of one in 10,000 by giving birth to triplet boys after conceiving naturally.
Because the Y base is located at position 37 adjacent to the anticodon triplet , its fluorescence is sensitive to any changes in the conformation and the binding state of the anticodon loop.
Our current hypothesis as to why these transfer functions vary within and across species boundaries is based on mechanistic differences between electron and triplet energy transfer.