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triple / тройной, троекратный, утроенный
имя прилагательное
triple, ternary, threefold, treble, triplex, triplicate
threefold, triple
triple, threefold, treble
имя существительное
troika, three, triple, trio, triplet, threesome
triple, treble, triplicate
triple, treble
имя прилагательное
consisting of or involving three parts, things, or people.
a triple murder
become three times as much or as many.
grain prices were expected to triple
hit a triple.
he tripled into right field
имя существительное
a thing that is three times as large as usual or is made up of three standard units or items.
Place-level data on the number of housing units from single family to doubles, triples , and buildings with more than five units built every month or every year.
a sporting contest in which each side has three players.
In the triples event, the three women grabbed a silver medal after winning four games, drawing one and losing the other.
a system of change ringing using seven bells, with three pairs changing places each time.
I can ring touches of Stedman Doubles no problems but whenever I look at the Stedman Triples work I get nowhere.
a hit that enables the batter to reach third base.
He got back and started pounding doubles and triples down the third base line.
three times as much or as many.
the copper energy cells had triple the efficiency of silicon cells
He gave single-shot measles, mumps and rubella vaccines instead of the triple MMR jab after it was controversially linked to autism, although the vast majority of experts in the field reject the claim.
Physicians' use of wireless technology is expected to triple over the next three years.
People on fixed incomes and pensioners simply cannot afford rises of triple the cost of living.
For that price, I can fly from Paris to New York, which is triple the distance.
He did a triple somersault at Derby and I think he's done about seven somersaults, so he's doubled his ratio.
Avril went from high school to signing with a major label to a successful triple platinum debut album, all in 2 years.
While training he used to do the triple somersault on the floor.
In the meantime, the remuneration committee would like to make an award to executives that is triple the level of awards allowed under the new scheme.
It is the creative equivalent of the gymnast's triple somersault.
The projected growth is triple the global rate.