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tripe / рубец, требуха, чушь
имя существительное
scar, tripe, cicatrix, rumen, welt, weal
tripe, offal, chitterlings
nonsense, rubbish, drivel, garbage, hooey, tripe
имя существительное
the first or second stomach of a cow or other ruminant used as food.
In Watsonville they do great brain, tripe or tongue tacos.
nonsense; rubbish.
you do talk tripe sometimes
The sheep's stomach, or tripe as it is known by its industry name, merely houses the haggis for presentation and is not even consumed with the haggis.
My mother used to make brilliant tripe but mine tasted absolutely awful and my guests were far from impressed.
Yes, but then how many people are really interested in the tripe and rubbish served up at 6.30 pm on the programme.
I stopped reading the drivel Bill spouts a long time ago, until people started referencing his nonsense on their weblogs - usually in anger to whatever tripe he was bashing out.
Spoon some tripe , porcini mushrooms and tomatoes into each and set aside, keeping warm.
It starts off with mannish water - a soup made from goat tripe (intestine).
you do talk tripe sometimes
And the attacks on his parents and even his town as a ‘breeding ground of liberal parenting’ just reeks of so much narrow-minded patriotic tripe .
The place is an absolute joy - full of life, colour, movement, bulls' testicles, cod tripe , goose barnacles and tiny, tiny, baby broad beans.
I've said all the negative things I'm going to say, and I refuse to find anything positive about this irritatingly mindless tripe .