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tripartite / трехсторонний, тройственный, состоящий из трех частей
имя прилагательное
trilateral, tripartite, triangular, trigonal, trihedral
tripartite, trinal
состоящий из трех частей
tripartite, triform, triplex, trinity
имя прилагательное
consisting of three parts.
a tripartite classification
Last on the list was the tripartite classification of the productive factors.
Legislative changes should be the outcome of tripartite recognition and debate rather than the imposition of one parties views on the other.
The Roman triumphal arch was one of the main sources of Neo classical expression with it tripartite division of four equal columns unequally spaced.
However, serious disagreements among the parties soon developed, and the tripartite federation failed to materialize.
The tripartite coalition in power got 78 seats out of 121 while needing to win only 63 seats to hold the control of the upper house.
Within the tripartite division of the spiraling cochlea sound travels along the liquid-filled canals with much greater force and speed than when it entered the outer ear.
She also examines three of the four border regions of Indian culture where this tripartite classification does not prevail: Kashmir, Kerala and Bengal.
It appears that people think aspiring candidates who top the list of the three selected for further scrutiny are automatic candidates in the forthcoming tripartite elections.
These gentlemen certainly developed our tripartite system of government, but it was hardly an easy task or a harmonious process.
The tripartite coalition Cabinet ended its first 100 days in office facing a tide of criticism of its social and economic policies, and a series of question marks loom over the road ahead.