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trip / поездка, путешествие, экскурсия
имя существительное
trip, visit, ride, journey, tour, excursion
travel, traveling, journey, tour, trip, voyage
excursion, tour, trip, hike, ramble, treat
stumble, falter, trip, hobble, blunder, reel
ставить подножку
trip, trip up
бежать вприпрыжку
lope, trip
имя существительное
an act of going to a place and returning; a journey or excursion, especially for pleasure.
Sally's gone on a school trip
a stumble or fall due to catching one's foot on something.
More than 10% of head injuries requiring hospitalisation amongst children come from simple trips and falls when just running around.
a hallucinatory experience caused by taking a psychedelic drug, especially LSD.
acid trips
a device that activates or disconnects a mechanism, circuit, etc..
The generation of a trip signal is withheld when the rate of rise is greater than the limit value.
a light, lively movement of a person's feet.
yonder comes Dalinda; I know her by her trip
catch one's foot on something and stumble or fall.
he tripped over his cat
walk, run, or dance with quick light steps.
they tripped up the terrace steps
activate (a mechanism), especially by contact with a switch, catch, or other electrical device.
an intruder trips the alarm
release and raise (an anchor) from the seabed by means of a buoyed line attached to the anchor's crown.
During the hustle of everyone getting underway someone tripped the anchor that we used to stabilize our dinghy.
experience hallucinations induced by taking a psychedelic drug, especially LSD.
they prance around tripping out on their hallucinogens
A pleasure trip or an outing rejuvenates your energy and relationships today.
We do not fully realize that falling in love is like a drug trip , an extreme high.
Remove fuse or trip circuit breaker to off for the room or outlet you are replacing.
politics was a sixties trip
it was a trip seeing him again
I turned off the machine, then took the sensors off, not wanting to trip an alarm.
He realized that that fall was not just a regular trip or stumble.
a trip mechanism
a trip to America
In our investigations, interference was far more likely to trip a false alarm than it was to fail to detect an apnea.